Rules changes and clarifications

There are a few Powers that I am going to restrict from play for various reasons:

Ka Manipulation(it is just too complex rules wise, so for now I would like to avoid it)
Shapeshifting(same reason)
Mimic(this is restricted, not fully forbidden, mostly do to complexity)
Mind Control
Dimensional shifting

Also I would like to avoid time travel, though other aspects of time manipulation are fine.

also I am changing one of the rules, you no longer can use character points(pg.25-pg.26, pg.62) for improving rolls(pg.61-pg.62). the reason I am doing this is that character points(pg.25-pg.26, pg.62) are used for experience, so spending them during the game is giving up a long term advantage for a short term game. this causes people who horde them to end up more powerful(game balance wise) than those who spend them. also you have the Ka(pg.5,pg.62) stat which can do the same thing. Fate points(pg.62) are unchanged.

also there will be no use of the Funds stat(pg. 5). as you will be playing teenagers, you can have any equipment that you think appropriate for a teen character. run any ideas past me first, but as long as you have a good reason for it, I will most likely be OK with it.

Also as a note, Matter manipulation can change people to stone(or cheese, or whatever) only once. once a person has been affected by your matter manipulation power they are immune for the rest of the scene. everything else remains the same.

Body Armor the Armor power is now a +3 per rank bonus rather than a +2 per rank bonus.

Improving Characters

Skills: 1 point per pip, 3 points per die
Attributes: 4 points per pip, 12 points per die
Advantages: cost is the same as in Character creation
Powers: the cost listed is for 1 pip, cost x3 per die


Rules changes and clarifications

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