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Super heroes, as we know them today appeared in the tumult of World War II. the Nazis had their Übermenschen, led by the powerful and dangerous individual, Aryan Superior. While the soldiers fought each other in the mud and blood of the battles, Allied supers fought the Nazi Übermenschen. the war ended with the dropping of the Atom bomb, and the allied troops headed home. the supers generally retired to quiet lives of anonymity. then in the 1970s Supers began appearing in the news again. this time in gaudy costumes. the first of these was known as Hyperion. even to this day he is one of the most powerful supers ever seen. since the ‘70s more and more super humans have been appearing across the globe.

Story so far

The town of Winterfalls Idaho, population 20,000. you are the class of 2011, and you just started the school year. Winterfalls high is your typical small town high school. the primary businesses of Winterfalls are ranching, logging, and mining. there are the the other standard jobs, restaurants, hotels, small town TV and radio, there is even a mall(nicknamed “the hallway), though it is rather small. all in all it is a normal, average, and “Boring” town. the town is nestled in a small valley in northwestern Idaho, about forty miles from Coeur d’Alene. your characters will start off as typical high school students on their way to an archeological dig sight for a field trip.

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