Bailey Ann

  • Reflexes 3D
    • Acrobatics 2D
    • Brawling 1D
    • Jumping 1D
    • Riding 1D
  • Physique 11D (Thunderclap)
    • Lifting 2D
    • Running 1D
  • Coordination 3D
    • Lock Picking 1D
  • Knowledge 2D
    • Demolition 1D
    • Security 1D
  • Perception 2D
  • Presence 3D
    • Animal Handling 1D
    • Con 1D
    • Willpower 2D

Good Looks(R2)
Terrible Secret(R2)

Body Armor 4

Body points: 48
Physical damage: 11D
Fate points: 1
Ka points: 6
Character points
  • earned: 8
  • spent: 0

Bailey Ann comes from a poor family; Her mom is a waitress, and her father who was a tattoo artist, until he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempted murder. She and her mom get along fairly well, but she hasn’t spoken to her father in 3 years. She’s ashamed that he would try to take someones life. She and her mom live in the city, close to the school. She’s not popular at school, she consistently gets picked on. Bailey Ann is a cheerleader, but struggles in it because of her popularity. She has a horse named Bitsy, and two dogs, one Sydney and the other Marblade.

Bailey Ann

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