Carl Bindle

"Outa the way freak!"

  • Reflexes 3D
    • Brawling 2D
    • Dodge 2D
  • Physique 4D
    • Lifting 1D
    • Running 1D
    • Stamina 2D
  • Coordination 2D
  • Knowledge 2D
  • Perception 3D
  • Presence 3D
    • Charm 2D
    • Intimidation 2D

Tall and blond, with the muscular build developed from years of playing football and training. he has a casual arogance about him. he often smiles brightly while tormenting some “freak”. he is often seen at dances and other public functions with Marcy on his arm, or is it the other way around.

he was born to play football, and watching him play it is easy to forget that he is cruel and cutting to the “freaks and geeks”. he is not overburdened with intelligence, and generally gets by with his athletic talent and cheating when necessary. he takes special interest in bullying Chuck calling him wheezy, and making fun of his frailty.

Carl Bindle

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