Tabitha Trueblood

Quiet mousy girl, makes little impact.

  • Reflexes 3D
  • Physique 2D
  • Coordination 2D
  • Knowledge 3D
    • medicine 1D
    • Scholar 1D
  • Perception 4D
    • Artist 3D
    • Survival 1D
    • Tracking 1D
  • Presence 2D

She stands barely five foot tall, her skin is permanently tan. she is half Japanese, half Native American. she tends to walk hunched over, and tries to make the least impact possible. she has a small voice and she tends to mumble when nervous. rarely makes eye contact.

Her father is the pastor of a local baptist church. she is half Japanese, half Coeur d’Alene Native American. she is Shy and tends to not make much of an impact. after the field trip she seems distracted, as if she is thinking about something. she is even less involved in school than normal.

Tabitha Trueblood

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