Marcy Jones

Blond, blue-eyed, peppy, condescending, rich, head cheerleader.

  • Reflexes 3D
    • Acrobatics 2D
    • Jumping 2D
  • Physique 2D
    • running 1D
    • stamina 1D
  • Coordination 3D
  • Knowledge 2D
  • Perception 2D
  • Presence 4D
    • Command 1D
    • Con 2D
    • Charm 3D
    • Intimidation 1D
    • Persuasion 2D

Good Looks(R2)


Slender, graceful, athletic, beautiful, and rich, Marcy is the center of her own little universe. She is fond of revealing, but stylish, outfits.

her father is the owner of Martin Jones Family Ford. she is the richest kid at school, and she has a massive sense of entitlement. she Loathes Theresa and she makes sure that everyone knows her opinion on the matter. She looks down on Bailey though she needs her on the team.

Marcy Jones

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