Power and Consequences

the end...I guess
Again? really? seriously?

so I guess this campaign is over, people just kept not showing up. first I didn’t, then the players didn’t. man I am terrible at scheduling things.

Session 2
Enter La Blue Girl

As our heroes ran from the rampaging beast, Cassus asked to be let down. he was being carried by Baily at the time. she left him, naked and bald, in a Kwik mart. he managed to charm his way into a new pair of pants and head home. Bailey headed home as well. neither of there parents were home at the time. soon the school called all of the parents and they immediately rushed to their kids. Bailey told her mother nothing of what happened. Cassus told his parents everything, his father immediately begins testing him and seeing what he can do. his mother admonishes him that he can tell no one what has happened to him.

enter Yvonne, when she got her powers her skin turned an strange shade of blue. which seemed to make this former Emo very happy. finally she was different from everyone else. she could fly, and began flying every where, showing off her powers to everyone around her. when school restarts she flies to school in all her blue glory, a video of this flight makes it to the news.

so this is where we end things. Cassus pulled Bailey and Yvonne aside and starts trying to figure out whats what.

Session 1
Adventures in archeaology

Wednesday started bright and clear, not a cloud in the sky. Cassus woke early and went to school in his electric car. meanwhile, Bailey Ann woke late and arrived five minutes late to class. This Wednesday was “Field trip day”. The Idaho Natural history museum sponsored this field trip to ancient Native American ruins. Over thirty seniors packed into the bus and headed out to the excavation site. when the students arrived they were split off into groups and were shown around the site. shortly into the day as the students were discovering the “joy of learning” there was a loud and terrible explosion from the most recent dig area. a large dragon-like beast charged out of the excavation, blood from it’s first victims dripping from its claws. ripping into the shoulder of the Archaeologist and attacking the other students. at this time one of the artifacts urns on a nearby table exploded in a wave of golden light and suddenly the heroes had powers, for which they had no knowledge how to use. floating where the urn had been was a scarab made of gold.

Bailey Ann immediately fled the monster attacking, running at speeds that she could not understand, stopping in shock at her sudden burst of speed and energy. Cassus, in shock, used his matter manipulation to swiftly change the beast to stone and bury it in the earth(which he changed to wet cement). both of them immediately try to save the downed Archaeologist, calling the police and an ambulance. when the cops and EMTs arrive the beast explodes out of its rocky prison. Cassus shouts for the Police to stop the monster as Bailey Ann rushed the dying man to the EMTs. As all this was happening fire blossomed from the monster engulfing Cassus in a napalm like substance. As he fell to the ground coating himself in water he created using his power, Bailey Ann charged the beast and punched it backward with a strength she had never imagined before. thinking quickly she rushed to Cassus pulling him from the water, and running away from the beast as it crawled away into the woods…

Price of Power
Campaign Log

brief time line of upcoming events

Sep. 25 Field trip
nominations for the Homecoming King and Queen
Sep. 30 Parade committee meeting
Oct. 1 class float design
Oct. 15-20 spirit week
Oct. 20 Pep rally
Oct. 21 big game
Oct. 22 Dance
Oct. 31 Halloween


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